You're Invited

On the 7th of October, 2017

Christopher Tiu & Theresa Noh

Are getting married in Leesburg, VA


Our Bridal Party

Brian Tiu
Best Man Brian Tiu
Born a scathing seven minutes earlier, Brian is not just Chris’s twin he is also his best friend. Tied at the hip, in his brother Chris found someone who not only shares his build, voice and mannerisms, but also his interests, astuteness, temperament, and sense of humor. He is a resilient and adventurous soul who loves travelling, craft beers, and pop culture. Just try not to confuse the two of them at the altar!
Leigh Tate
Groomsman Leigh Tate
His oldest friend and confidant, Leigh and Chris go way back, to the days of awkward facial hair and adolescent ponytails. A fellow Naval Officer, a natural leader, and a born explorer, these two once both shared adventurous tales along the high seas, and soon, they will share the experience of the greatest adventure of all: marriage. Now all Chris needs is to get him to move to Virginia.
Mark Adato
Groomsman Mark Adato
While one of Chris’s oldest friends, it wasn’t until the dorm parties and ultimate-frisbee matches of college that Mark and Chris really bonded. Possessing one the greatest appetites for adventure that Chris has known, it is in traveling the World that Mark has truly found himself. With a wanderlust matched only by his carefree attitude and keen insight, Mark is the best travel buddy one could ask for.
Na Yung Lee
Maid of Honor Na Yung Lee
Na Yung & Theresa met when Theresa was new to church in 6th grade. The friendship blossomed through K-Pop mania and baggy jeans. No man has come close to the # of romantic moments they’ve shared. They were the only couple not fighting on the gondola ride in Italy, “cooked” on a marble slab in a Turkish hammam, & narrowly missed every form of public transportation on their 1st Europe trip.
Rebecca Dickey
Bridesmaid Rebecca Dickey
Becky & Theresa hit it off when they worked on projects together during HS. Although their physics project didn’t do well (riders died a few times due to excessive G-Force), their history project placed 1st in the state! Becky’s infectious optimism, ability to rap Hamilton, and undying love for minions & Harry Potter is what’s kept their friendship funky fresh.
Celeste Thai-Nourn
Bridesmaid Celeste Thai-Nourn
Celeste & Theresa met in the fiery pits of Booz Allen. Although their friendship was forged through terror and long hours, it evolved into fun times. Only Celeste could convince Theresa to join the Dragon Boat racing team despite neither being able to swim, be mistaken as part of an “international maid” group by racist beach goers, & go on every ride in Disney World over a course of 4 exhausting days.

Where & When

Golf & Country Club
Five thirty
In the evening
October Seven Two Thousand and Seventeen

History of Stoneleigh

The original property of Stoneleigh was a 1742 grant of 560 acres to John Dixon of Delaware. On the western end of the property is a 910 foot knob known as Round Hill. The eastern section of the Stoneleigh property is located on the original 1742 Fairfax grant.

Sometime later, the first small stone house was built overlooking the pond behind the number 18 green. It is believed to be the oldest building on the property. The main house, called Mount Sylva, was built for Mason James and his wife.

During the Civil War, an adjacent barn was set on fire by Sheridan’s troops but was quickly put out by Eliza James Harris, a daughter of the owner, who saved the barn which is still standing.

In 1913, a descendant, Fleet James sold the property for $7,700 to University of Chicago professor William E. Dodd who later became the ambassador to Germany. Dr. Dodd bought additional acreage and renamed the property Stoneleigh. Dodd used the property for orchards and a dairy operation. A stone mausoleum was on the property enclosed in a fence near the main house.

Hotel & Transportation

*Hotel Reservations*

We have reserved a block of rooms at the: Residence Inn Dulles Airport at Dulles 28 Centre
For reservations, call: 1-888-663-0095
Please mention you are a guest of the: "Noh/Tiu Wedding Room Block"

To ensure room availability, please RSVP prior to: September 14, 2017

*Complimentary Hotel Shuttle*

Hotel shuttle to/from Dulles Airport (IAD). Contact: 703-421-2000

*Wedding Venue Shuttle*

Shuttle from Hotel to/from Stoneleigh will be provided.
Point to Point Limousines
If you plan on using the shuttle, please notify us via phone or email so we can plan accordingly. The estimated shuttle travel time is 45 minutes (one way).
Pick up time from Residence Inn to Stoneleigh: 4:00 PM
Pick up time from Stoneleigh to Residence Inn: 9:00 PM & 11:00 PM


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Chicago Bean 06/04/2017
Mustache Celebration! 06/04/2017
Brother’s Wedding 04/22/2017
Stoneleigh 04/08/2017
Disney World 2016 12/31/2016
Halloween 12/31/2016
Disney World 2017 12/31/2016
National Harbor Ice Show 12/15/2016
National Harbor Ice Show 12/15/2016

Join Our Party

Please RSVP by September 2nd

Gift Registry

What we want most for our wedding is to have our friends and family there to celebrate the occasion with us.
So more than anything we’re simply grateful for your presence!

If you would like to get us something, we’d love that can find our registries here:

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